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SATURDAY, May 20th
9 PM
 at the Illuminarium

The Premier Event of ICSC 2023

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Make a Lasting FIRST Impression.

Plan to make your mark early at ICSC 2023 Hartman Simons and the new Illuminarium space in Las Vegas. FIRST is a premier networking event that is unparalleled, in an immersive experience, with VIP upgrades in the presence of many of ICSC's top leaders.

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A FIRST-of-its-kind Venue

Get unprecedented access to Illuminarium's stunning new worlds at AREA15. Immerse yourself in state-of-the-art technology, mixed with glorious visuals, scents, and sounds.

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Get the FIRST  Networking Opportunity at ICSC

Start networking early and forge powerful bonds with some of the top movers and shakers at ICSC.

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Enjoy FIRST Class Food + Entertainment

Be wined and dined in true Las Vegas, top shelf style by your friends at Hartman Simons. 

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Be the FIRST
on the Moon

Have a drink with us in outer space. 

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Why Hartman Simons

We are Atlanta-based, with a national reach, and we bring to our clients a deep expertise crossing the disciplines that make up commercial real estate. We are committed to providing clients with excellent representation. Our clients are among the FIRST names in commercial real estate.  Come meet our team and leaders in the industry so you are well positioned for your next big deal.

What They Are Saying

From someone who knows a little about parties, the Hartman Simons ICSC party is the one not to miss! Great networking, great venue, and a great time!

Charlie Hendon, Hendon Properties

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Make this your FIRST Event at ICSC.

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